Make My Flowers Last Longer

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Make My Flowers Last Longer

Indulge in the exquisite allure of your vase arrangement, and to ensure your flowers last longer, embrace the following care guidelines:

  1. Find the Perfect Spot: Elevate your floral masterpiece by selecting the ideal setting. Choose a location away from direct sunlight, heating vents, and drafts. Cooler room temperatures become a natural ally, making your flowers last longer and preserving their freshness.
  2. Trim and Hydrate: As your arrangement arrives, initiate its journey with a thoughtful trim. With precision, trim approximately one inch from each stem at a slanted angle. This enhances water absorption, preparing your blooms for a long and vibrant display. Fill the vase with fresh room-temperature water, offering your flowers the perfect hydration source.
  3. Add Flower Food: Nourish your blooms with a touch of luxury. Whether provided or self-created, infuse the water with vitality by adding flower food. A teaspoon of sugar and a few drops of vinegar create a customized elixir that not only sustains your flowers but enhances their inherent vibrancy. Stir the mixture well, ensuring every drop carries the promise of prolonged elegance.
  4. Regular Water Check: Transform your routine into a ritual by checking the water level daily. The fluid level serves as a barometer for your arrangement’s vitality. As needed, replenish the water to maintain its freshness and clarity. A change every 2-3 days becomes a refreshing elixir, invigorating your bouquet for extended enjoyment.
  5. Prune Dead or Wilting Blooms: Embrace the natural life cycle of your flowers. As some blooms gracefully age, others may naturally wilt. Maintain the overall aesthetic by promptly pruning any dead or wilting blooms. This meticulous care ensures a continuous display of your arrangement’s captivating allure.
  6. Avoid Foliage Submersion: Elevate the visual impact of your arrangement by removing any leaves below the waterline. This simple act prevents bacterial growth, ensuring the water remains pristine. The focus stays unwaveringly on the beauty of the flowers, a testament to their unbridled elegance.
  7. Gently Re-arrange: Infuse a touch of artistry into your care routine. Occasionally and with gentle finesse, re-arrange the flowers in the vase. This ensures each bloom receives adequate hydration and is showcased in its full splendor, contributing to a dynamic and ever-evolving display.
  8. Lightly Mist the Flowers: A fine spray of water becomes a whispered caress, making your flowers last longer and preserving their delicate allure. This thoughtful gesture ensures your arrangement remains a source of enchantment.
  9. Handle with Care: Approach your vase arrangement with tenderness. Foster an environment of spacious elegance by avoiding overcrowding. Allow each bloom its own breathing space, ensuring the entire arrangement is a symphony of beauty. Handle with care, and witness the enduring charm of your carefully curated ensemble.

By embracing these meticulous care instructions you will help your flowers last longer. Your vase arrangement transcends mere flowers; it becomes a living masterpiece. Each petal and fragrance contribute to an enduring elegance that brightens your surroundings for an extended period, a testament to the artistry of nature and your thoughtful care.

Our Dedication to Your Flower Arrangement

At our end, we meticulously craft, package, and dispatch every single arrangement with utmost care. However, flowers are flowers! If you happen to spot a damaged stem, there’s no need to fret. We always include an additional stem or even a few extras (depending on the arrangement) for these unforeseen circumstances. It’s our way of ensuring your complete satisfaction.