How To Make Roses Last Longer

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How To Make Roses Last Longer

Welcome to the world of fresh cut roses! To ensure your roses last longer and blossom beautifully, follow these care instructions:

  1. Trim and Hydrate: Your roses have just embarked on a journey to reach you. Before unveiling their beauty, resist the temptation to unwrap them immediately. Instead, take a moment to trim each stem using sharp scissors or floral shears, make a diagonal cut about an inch from the bottom. This encourages optimal water absorption. Place the stems in a container with fresh room-temperature water, allowing them to rehydrate for a minimum of two hours. This recovery time is essential and will greatly help your roses last longer.
  2. Once this rehydration period concludes, gently unwrap your roses, discarding the protective corrugated wrap. As you inspect the bouquet, you may notice some outer petals with discoloration or wrinkles. Fear not! These are nature’s guardians, shielding the roses during transit. Tenderly remove these guard petals, revealing the flawless beauty underneath.
  3. Use a Clean Vase: The vessel that cradles your roses plays a crucial role in their longevity. Select a pristine vase and fill it with cool, refreshing tap water. Ensure the cleanliness of the vase, eliminating any debris or lingering bacteria that could compromise the roses lifespan.
  4. Remove Leaves Below Waterline: Maintain the water’s purity by removing any leaves that would be submerged. This simple step helps prevent bacterial growth, preserving the water’s clarity and the roses’ vitality.
  5. Add Rose Food: Treat your roses to a nutrient-rich diet. Whether you have received flower food with your bouquet or choose to create your own concoction, a teaspoon of sugar and a few drops of vinegar in the water provide essential nourishment. Stir the mixture thoroughly to help your roses last longer.
  6. Change Water Regularly: Commit to regular water changes, approximately every two to three days. Alongside each water replacement, revisit the stems with your sharp tool of choice, re-cutting them at a gentle angle. This practice ensures the roses consistently absorb water effectively, contributing to their prolonged beauty.
  7. Keep Flowers Cool: Roses appreciate a cool, serene environment. Find a suitable location for your vase, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Cooler temperatures act as a natural preservative, extending the lifespan of your roses.
  8. Mist the Flowers: Introduce an extra layer of hydration by lightly misting your roses with water. This is particularly beneficial in dry climates, ensuring the flowers remain supple and vibrant.
  9. Show Love: Treat your roses with tenderness. Gently handle each bloom, appreciating the intricacies of their petals. Avoid overcrowding in the vase, allowing each rose its own space to shine.

By faithfully adhering to these detailed care instructions, you’re not only helping your roses last longer, but also enhancing your space with the enduring beauty of nature. May your days be filled with the fragrance and elegance of these exquisite blooms!

Our Dedication to Your Flower Arrangement

At our end, we meticulously craft, package, and dispatch every single arrangement with utmost care. However, flowers are flowers! If you happen to spot a damaged stem, there’s no need to fret. We always include an additional stem or even a few extras (depending on the arrangement) for these unforeseen circumstances. It’s our way of ensuring your complete satisfaction.