Caring For My Tropical Flowers

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Caring For My Tropical Flowers

  1. Unpacking Your Tropical Flowers: Carefully unpack your flowers as soon as they arrive, unveiling the exotic beauty within. Handle each bloom with reverence, ensuring a smooth transition from packaging to presentation.
  2. Trim and Hydrate: Trim approximately one inch from the base of each stem at a diagonal angle, unleashing their potential for optimal water absorption. Immerse the stems in a container filled with fresh room-temperature water, granting them a few hours to rehydrate and revitalize.
  3. Choose the Right Vase: Elevate the visual elegance of your tropical arrangement by selecting the perfect vase. Given the typically thicker stems of tropical flowers, opt for a clean vase with ample room to support their bold presence. Let the vase become a complement to the exotic allure of your blooms.
  4. Remove Excess Foliage: Embrace the philosophy of less is more. Strip away any leaves that might find themselves submerged in the water, as they can become breeding grounds for bacteria. Let their vibrant colors and unique shapes take center stage.
  5. Change Water Regularly: Every 2-3 days, replace the water in the vase, refreshing the environment for your tropical blooms. With each water change, re-cut the stems at an angle, ensuring a clear pathway for efficient water absorption. This ritual becomes a lifeline, sustaining the vivacity of your flowers.
  6. Mist Occasionally: Acknowledge the tropical nature of your blooms by embracing their love for higher humidity levels. In drier climates, introduce a touch of the tropics into their environment. A fine misting with water becomes a soothing ritual, ensuring your flowers remain hydrated, radiant, and reminiscent of their natural habitat.
  7. Display with Care: Revel in the individuality of your tropical flowers. Handle each bloom with gentleness, appreciating the boldness and vibrancy they bring. Avoid overcrowding in the vase, allowing each flower to stand out. Tropical flowers are nature’s celebration of color, and they shine most brilliantly when given the space to do so.

By adhering to these nuanced care instructions, you not only nurture the exotic beauty of your tropical flowers but also extend the joy of their vibrant display. Each bloom becomes a testament to the diversity and brilliance of nature, transforming your space into a tropical haven.

Our Dedication to Your Flower Arrangement

At our end, we meticulously craft, package, and dispatch every single arrangement with utmost care. However, flowers are flowers! If you happen to spot a damaged stem, there’s no need to fret. We always include an additional stem or even a few extras (depending on the arrangement) for these unforeseen circumstances. It’s our way of ensuring your complete satisfaction.